Wordcraft Makes a Difference

Wordcraft Makes a Difference

To some, words are the fabric of relationships, to others a means of higher expression. To yet others, words are elements of narrative style. An orator uses words as levers to incite an audience to passion, the philosopher uses words as elements of structure. The poet, singing, seduces.

A means to an end, a gloss for motive

We understand your business. We understand the nature of the goals and objectives that drive your communications. It is because we believe that companies are special interest communities linked by a common vocabulary and shared goals that we are uniquely able to help you with your message.

We solve cross-cultural communications problems in English, in French and in Brazilian Portuguese.

The value of good communications

In a globalized business context, the investment in getting your communications right reflects a commitment to delivering on brand promises. Poorly written and executed communications reflect poorly upon the sponsors values. Indeed, the bottom line in communications is that design and presentation (production values) are a direct reflection of a brand’s values.

Style and voice in written creative communications

The Wordcraft.PRO team, produces all styles of written communication in English, French and Portuguese. For us, a choice of style is a matter of strategy for differentiated messaging.

Like an artist’s palette, a writer’s tone, voice and vocabulary capture and hold a reader’s attention. The creative writer works with style, grammatical convention and industry codes to create content that “punches through”, that “jumps off the page”, that reassures, informs and somehow responds to a reader’s needs.

Personal and professional engagement

With over twenty years’ serving the Aix-Marseille academic, legal, commercial and diplomatic communities we are pleased to extend our offer to agencies, editors and publishers across the board and pleased to share our experience as observers of European construction and Mediterranean integration.