Our Values

Creative communications are universal. They motivate, reassure and surprise.

A good narrative ends, but its effect lingers on like a fading glow, ever ready for reaffirmation, for refreshing luminance and a call to action.

For many, the process of writing, of organizing one’s thoughts and of formulating these as strings of signifiers to fit an allotted space is not a welcome task. But this is what we do. We enjoy it and we excel at it.

As copywriters, we will seek to immerse ourselves in the context of your communications. Even if a creative strategy were to suggest itself intuitively, the work of a copywriter starts with a creative brief that answers questions such as: What are the copy objectives? Who is targeted? What is the message? Is there a call-to-action?

As translators, we realize that attention to detail pays and we therefore consider every detail with careful thought and analysis. We also consider all work to be collaborative, requiring regular exchange with clients to meet objectives with accuracy and avoid surprises.

Wordcraft takes great pride in its professionalism and its commitment to excellence in the art of translating words and messages.



We welcome any challenge in crafting creative communications in French and in English.

If our work does not meet your standards, we will start over.

If our work does not fulfill objectives initially agreed upon, you do not pay us.

E-mail us a sample text or PowerPoint presentation for evaluation and a free quotation.

If you are contacting us within normal working hours (9am to 6pm, Monday through Friday, Central Europe Time – CET) we will respond in less than 24 hours.

For larger orders, rush charges may apply.

Wordcraft speaks your language.



Send us a sample of your text and a brief description of how the text will be used, to whom it is addressed. We will send you a quotation within 24 hours.


Unlike translations which are evaluated on a price-per-word or per-page basis, copywriting services are priced using a folio-based rate system. One folio is equal to 1500 characters (spaces included). Send us a description of your needs and timeline and we will contact you within 24 hours for an evaluation.

Wordcraft subscription
If you are a repeat customer or would like to engage us in a pricing discussion for a high volume of work, please contact us. Wordcraft offers prepaid monthly subscriptions with on-demand priority treatment for your recurring needs. Subscription agreements may last as little as 3 months or up to one year.